HP 8558 B
Spektrum Analyzer

HP 8558B Spectrum Analyzer with HP 182T Display

This is the versatile HP 8558B Spectrum Analyzer with the HP 182T Display Mainframe.  It has an operating frequency range of 100 kHz to 1500 MHz.  The unit works but appears to have dirty or faulty switch contacts on the Span/BW selector and on the Timing selector.  The Manual sweep knob is missing as well.  In the photos below you can see the display with the spectrum analyzer tuned to our local FM radio band.  I also tested it with a 900 MHz cordless phone and the signals showed up where they should.    Check out the detail specs and photos below.

Auction is for the 8558B Plug-in with the HP 182T Display Mainframe.  All of my auctions are sold As-Is.

HP 8558B Spectrum Analyzer Plug-In Specifications

Frequency Range                    0.1 to 1500 MHz
Frequency Spans                    5 kHz to 100 MHz/div in a 1, 2, 5 sequence plus
                                               Zero Span (analyzer functions as a manually tuned receiver)

Tuning Accuracy                      0-195 MHz ± (1 MHz + 20% frequency span per division)
                                               195-1500 MHz ± (5 MHz + 20% frequency span per division)

Resolution Bandwidths            Eight selectable resolution (3-dB) bandwidths
                                               from 1 kHz to 3 MHz in a 1, 3 sequence. Bandwidth
                                               and frequency span are independently variable or
                                               may be coupled for optimum display when control
                                               markers are aligned

Amplitude Range                      -117 to +30 dBm
Maximum Input                          +30 dBm (1 W, 7.1 Vrms)
Display Scale                            10 dB/div, 1 dB/div, linear

Calibrator                                  -30 dBm ± 1 dB (into 50 Ohms), 280 MHz ± 300 kHz
Reference Level                         10 dB steps and a 12 dB vernier for calibrated adjustment
Input Attenuator                         0 to 70 dB, selectable in 10 dB steps

Automatic                                 Sweeptime is automatically adjusted to maintain absolute
                                                 amplitude calibration for any combination of frequency span,
                                                 resolution bandwidth, and video filter bandwidth
Calibrated Sweep                     0.1 ms to 10 sec/div in 1, 2, 5 sequence
Manual Sweep                          Spectrum analyzer may be swept manually in either direction
                                                 with front panel control

Input Impedance                     50 Ohms nominal; Precision Type-N female connector
Input SWR                              Typically < 1.5 with > 10 dB input attenuation and
                                               no signal present at input

Calibrator                               280 MHz, -30 dBm (into 50 Ohms)
1st LO Output                        BNC output provides +10 dBm nominal signal (into 50 Ohms),
                                               2.05 to 3.55 GHz
Probe Power                         +15 V, -12.6 V, and GND (150 mA max). Use HP
                                              1120A, 1211A, 1123A, or 1124A high impedance probes